Notice: This is not my Game (only modified). The Original Game by Dan-Simon can be played here.

Display lowest dimensions.
Display highest dimensions.
You have {{ formatWhole(generator.prestigeAmount) }} {{ generator.prestigeName }}
You have {{ format(generator.currencyAmount) }} {{ generator.currencyName }}, translated to a x{{ format(generator.currencyAmount) }} Boost on the previous layers

You have {{ format(player.singularity.currencyAmount) }} singularity power, making all dimension multipliers x{{ formatLong(getSingularityPowerEffect()) }}.
{{gen.generatorName}} x{{ formatWhole(getMult(idx, jdx)) }} {{ formatWhole(gen.amount) }}

You have {{formatWhole(player.transcension.points)}} Transcension Points, translated to a x{{formatWhole(getTranscensionBoost())}} Boost on every Dimension.