V VeproGames

I make Web Games.

I am a hobbyist developer from Germany. I am mainly developing Browser Games, such as Idle Mine: Remix, Omega Layers, Scrap II Fanmade and more.

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Omega Layers Omega Layers

An infinite amount of prestige layers.

Buy generators, do challenges, climb up the ladder of Greek letters, prestige, and prepare for a paradigm shift.

  • Ω Randomly generated Prestige Layers
  • Ω Resource Generators
  • Ω Power Generators
  • Ω Challenges
  • Ω Volatility
  • Ω Aleph
  • Ω ReStack - a Prestige Layer
  • Ω Meta - a paradigm Shift
  • Ω Quality of Life Features
  • Ω A News Ticker

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Idle Mine: Remix Idle Mine: Remix

An infinite amount of different minerals.

Buy different Upgrades, craft Pickaxes and follow the story. Reach limitless amounts of resources.

Inspired from a Flash Game "Idle Mine" by crovie.

  • Ω Over 8 different Upgrades
  • Ω Pickaxe crafting
  • Ω Auto Clicker Upgrades
  • Ω Offline Progress
  • Ω A Storyline
  • Ω Endless Minerals
  • Ω Different Types of Resources
  • Ω Tons of Number Formats
  • Ω Infinite Progression

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